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Whiteland Vehicle Wraps
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Whiteland Vehicle Wraps


If you are looking to increase visibility, establish uniformity, and build your brand than a custom vehicle wrap or graphic is worth considering!

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

An attractive, creative, and flawlessly installed vehicle wrap can serve as a mobile advertisement for your company, create consumer awareness, and give your company representatives more authority. Schaefer Sign Works is the premier local and full-service provider of custom commercial and fleet vehicle wraps.

Branding a vehicle can be the most effective advertisement your business invests in. But automobile and other motor vehicle wraps can be tricky. If the design or layout of an automobile wrap is ineffective or the installation unprofessional, it will reflect poorly on your company. We want to assist you in sending the right message to potential clients by providing an attractive custom auto wrap and wrap installation. Schaefer Sign Works oversees the entire process in-house and locally in Whiteland.

Call Schaefer Sign Works at (317) 934-2575 today for your Free Consultation with a vehicle wrap expert!

Drive Home Your Message

Boost your business and attract new clientele with cohesive fleet graphics and vinyl car wraps.

It’s not uncommon for the operational backbone of a business to revolve around vehicles.

Custom Semi Truck Wrap

Whether your business is a delivery service, moving company, service company, or provides personal cars for traveling executives, chances are you could benefit from the cohesive message that custom auto wraps can provide. Branding your fleet, boat, automobile, or box van is an invaluable investment that has been proven to increase your visibility in the local market.

A professionally branded fleet can also boost customer confidence in a company, reassuring a client that your company representative is a professional. We have found that a wrapped vehicle can put a client at ease, especially if your business is the type that makes house calls (such as a plumber, landscaper, or contractor).

Our Vehicle Wraps include:

Identifying your Whiteland, IN company or organization on a vehicle also creates accountability for your employees, who may become more aware of representing your business while driving a wrapped vehicle. Consider a business vehicle wrap an additional way you can manage the messaging of your business.

Wraps for Every Business & Budget

At Schaefer Sign Works, we will help you build a vehicle wrap package that fits your brand and your budget!

Whiteland Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

We offer multiple coverage options for your vehicles that can be customized to fit your business’s brand or budget. We would be happy to assist you in determine which option you need – call us today at (317) 934-2575 for a free consultation!

Full Vehicle Wraps

Tru Clean Custom Van WrapProvide comprehensive, seamless coverage to your car, truck, or van with a full vehicle wrap! Have an established brand guide in place? Our professional vehicle wrap design team can incorporate any colors, images, or custom messages that you’d like. A full vehicle wrap is incredibly effective for mobile businesses such as food trucks, who seek to create attention and build a following with their vehicles. What’s more, a full vehicle wrap can protect your vehicle from road wear and weather conditions, adding extra value to your investment.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial Vehicle WrapPartial vehicle wrapping is a great option for creating a branded effect without the full-coverage look of a full vehicle wrap. We can utilize the negative space on a vehicle so that it compliments the partial wrap graphics, allowing you to draw in focus to one specific element of your vehicle if you desire. Interested in outfitting an entire fleet? The partial vehicle wrap package is a more economical option for custom wrapped vehicles. The graphics and installation team at Schaefer Sign Works work closely together so that we produce our wraps as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money!

Vinyl Graphics & Magnets

Vinyl Lettering

If you are in the market for just a single door magnet, or vinyl logo, lettering, or other graphic element, then our vehicle wrap team is happy to assist! Individual graphic elements can be cut from vinyl and installed on your vehicle, using less material and creating an effectively economical solution for our clients. If you have a design element, such as a phone number or an email, that may need to be frequently updated, than vinyl lettering is a great option for your vehicle graphics package.

Magnets are a great choice for those looking for an option that is easily removed and replaced. If you aren’t sure what option is best for you, or are ready to move forward with your wrap project, contact Schaefer Sign Works at (317) 934-2575 for a free consultation!

Customization For All Vehicle Types

Whether it’s a boat, a tour bus, a personal vehicle or a trailer, Schaefer Sign Works can customize a vehicle wrap that works for you!

Custom Wrap

The benefits of a wrapped vehicle extend beyond a commercial fleet or a box van. With our huge selection of vinyl products and experience in wrapping, we can add a custom vinyl wrap to any type of vehicle. We’ve wrapped boats, ski-dos, buses, ATV’s, RV’s, SUV’s and more!

Our vehicle wrapping service is fully customizable. All vehicle graphics are designed in-house for your specific business, branding, and vehicle type, with expert installation by our own technicians.

A custom vehicle wrap may be right for you if:

  • You work in a service that utilizes a trailer. Custom trailer graphics can be extremely affordable and establish a level of professionalism.
  • Your business makes house calls. Clients can often feel more comfortable having you at their home if you’ve invested in custom van graphics or truck wrapping.
  • Your business doesn’t have a storefront! If your the type of business that doesn’t have a public brick and mortar shop for patrons to visit, then you can consider your vehicle or food truck as a portable store. How will potential clients find out about you without proper vehicle graphics?
  • Want to advertise on your company in a creative and purposeful way? Ad wraps for vehicles or cars, unlike traditional print marketing, is highly visible to the general public. Custom ad wraps are great for driving in more business.

Top Supplier of Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Schaefer Sign Works manages each stage of the wrapping process, from concept to design, manufacturing and installation, from our location in Whiteland.

If you’re interested in having one or several vehicles wrapped or otherwise branded, then we encourage you to read through our process overview!

Meet with a vehicle wraps specialist.

Arctic Air Box Trailer WrapAt Schaefer Sign Works, we think the most important element of a successful vehicle wrap or graphic is to establish an open line of communication with our client. Other sign companies may try to bypass this important first meeting, but at Schaefer Sign Works we place quite a bit of value on our initial consultation. It allows us to communicate with you and find out what your goals are for the project. When wrapping a vehicle, it’s imperative to take measurements, photos, and to collect other information that will be key to the successful design and installation of the finished wrap.

Our initial consultation with a vehicle wraps specialist is free and can be scheduled by calling us at (317) 934-2575.

Work with our Vehicle Wrap Design team to finalize your vehicle wrap or graphics.

Our talented vehicle wrap designers work quickly and efficiently with clients to provide a professional and attractive final design. During the design process, our team will take into account the durability and specifications that each vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics project requires. You’ll be given a final proof of the design before it goes into production, so that you can feel confident in the work that Schaefer Sign Works provides.

Sit back and relax as our professional Wrap Fabricators and Install Technicians do the work.

Custom Wrap InstallationAt Schaefer Sign Works, you can trust that your approved vehicle or commercial fleet wrap project is in good hands. Our detail-oriented wrap and graphic production department will ensure that your finished design looks perfect. They will coordinate with our installation technicians to ensure that your vehicle wrap is installed perfectly, so that no design elements or information is missing. Because we are local, we are always available to check in with you during this part of the process.

Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

Schaefer Sign Works, Indianapolis Sign CompanySchaefer Sign Works is ready to assist you in all of your custom vehicle or fleet wrap needs. Regardless of your Whiteland business type or the size of your fleet, our dedicated and experienced staff is ready to provide the perfect wrap options for your brand, business, and budget.

Call Schaefer Sign Works at (317) 934-2575 today for your Free Consultation with a vehicle wrap expert!