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Dimensional Letters
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Dimensional Letters


Impactful, charming, and alluring, custom dimensional letters, signs, and graphics are a superb solution for any company that wants to put together a great first impression.

custom acrylic backlit storefront sign

Dimensional letters, often called 3D or raised letters, are text or designs producing depth for your business storefront or interiors. This type of signage is molded, fabricated, cast, or cut from a solid sheet of sign material to build this effect.

Dimensional lettering offers just what most business owners desire for their brand: longevity, visibility, and a professional, eye-catching appearance.

Schaefer Sign Works can affirm that custom branded dimensional signage is a good decision for almost any brand. If you run a church, medical facility, boutique, small business, large corporation, educational facility, warehouse facility, etc., our dimensional letters are sure to look great inside and outside of your shop.

The raised letters we produce are specially produced to be highly visible and that will also improve and expand your promotional reach. Schaefer Sign Works crafts your signage from the most suitable materials you can get so once your dimensional lettering is in place, you can be confident they will keep building excitement around your business for quite a few years, no fuss needed.

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Appealing Storefront Signage

custom outdoor restaurant signs

Appealing and eye-catching, dimensional signs are the ideal choice as your primary business sign. They deliver texture, depth, and dimension to your storefront, resulting in a more sophisticated appearance. The great versatility dimensional letters have is also positive. They are usually built straight to the front of your facility, they can also be integrated on post and panel signs, pole signs, and monument signs. Channel letters are a popular replacement to dimensional letters.

Even though 3D letters don’t have illuminated faces, Schaefer Sign Works can also add spotlights, outline lighting, or lighting fixtures when installing your signage, so that your dimensional signage is apparent even when conditions aren’t favorable. Our custom dimensional letters make sure what you have to offer stands apart from your competitors and your brand message gets seen, professionally.

Attractive Indoor Lettering

Custom dimensional letter lobby sign

Dimensional letters are not only for your exterior; they even give your facility a polished ambiance as office logo signs. We can install them near your business waiting room and your logo and branding is likely to be the primary item your customer and clients recognize the first moment they enter into your building. Dimensional logo, reception, and lobby signs are fairly popular, and they can be constructed using a mixture of materials and mediums, with upgraded display options such as lighting, if required. Dimensional letters could also be used for custom directional signage and other exciting custom signage to generate a huge impact in convenience stores and restaurants.

Despite the name, 3D letters are not only restrained to lettering! Your custom dimensional signage can consist of numbers, logos, images, or a mix of any different elements you desire placed on the walls of your shop. Schaefer Sign Works’s talented team of designers can help produce indoor signs and displays adapted to the specific individuality and identity of your brand. If you are desiring an impactful 3-dimensional effect that seriously ensures your branding won’t be missed, Schaefer Sign Works will supply you with dimensional letters that perfectly reflect your brand.

Durable Dimensional Letters

custom indoor retail signs

Schaefer Sign Works fabricates your custom dimensional letters and graphics from a variety of materials and mediums that best fit your brand. Depending on your needs, we will choose between light foam, wood, plastic, and/or metal as the primary material for your custom made lettering project.

A durable sign material, plastic is known for being versatile and includes acrylic, vinyl, coroplast, and PVC. The endurance and sturdiness of plastic signage causes it to be a reliable solution for outdoor dimensional signage. For indoor letters, metal is a fantastic selection because of its sophisticated look, however is very enduring when placed on the outside of your business. Common metals used for sign making include bronze, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and copper. Light foam is a popular way to go for colorful, large-format lettering and graphics, as it is thick, durable, lightweight, and sturdy. Our dedicated professionals are able to assist you with selecting the best custom sign style and media to achieve your preferred finished look and feel without stretching your allowed budget.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom outdoor dimensional signs

It isn’t always easy to select the most suitable sign for your business. You will need experience, time, patience, research, and a time-tested sign production strategy. When you put your faith in Schaefer Sign Works, you can be certain that you will never have to go through this single-handedly. Our dependable team of graphic artists and sign producers are more than happy to share their advice to lead you all the way through the commercial signage generation process.

Schaefer Sign Works is your local signs and graphics company. Our specialists prepare customized sign designs, we support you in picking the perfect materials for your business needs, and we see to it that your signage is deliberately placed and installed. We are just a telephone call away if you should are looking for our support for your signage and lettering.

Free Dimensional Letters Consultation

Schaefer Sign Works offers practically endless personalization possibilities for your commercial graphics, signs, and displays. If you want to tempt more potential buyers to enter your location, grow your brand identity, or make it easier for customers to navigate your space without help, our dimensional letters, logos, and images will work perfectly for you.

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