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Are you looking for the convenience of a local, one-stop sign shop? Schaefer Sign Works is a full-service Indianapolis sign company.

Coffee Channel Letter SignSchaefer Sign Works is a local sign manufacturer offering customizable sign solutions to local area businesses who are looking for premier branded signage. As professional sign manufacturer’s, we strive to create cohesive, branded signage for our clients.

Whether you’re looking for a custom vehicle wrap, an exterior sign, or a tradeshow booth, we’d love to help you!

Each project begins with a FREE consultation to evaluate your sign needs. Call us at (317) 934-2575 to schedule your consultation today!

Signage Made Simple

Looking for the right sign for your storefront or latest promotion? At Schaefer Sign Works, our design team is eager to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Are you overwhelmed with a sign project that is riddled with intricacies, or unsure how to brand your new business? The sign manufacturing team at Schaefer Sign Works is experienced and here to assist you with every step of the way. Our professionals work together in-house to ensure that your sign project is designed, manufactured, and installed perfectly.

Attractive Wayfinding SignsWhether you are looking to print promotional signage, update the wayfinding of your office building, or increase the visibility of your storefront, we feel confident that we can assist you. Our clients include small businesses, large companies, privately owned stores, and public service organizations. At Schaefer Sign Works, our expertise allows us to provide our clients with the best sign solution for their project!

We like to start each project with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and goals. This initial meeting includes an on-site evaluation by one of our professional sign design team members.

Let’s get started today – just call Schaefer Sign Works at (317) 934-2575.

Branding For Your Business

Maximize your signage opportunities to create increased visibility for your business!

Storefront Signs Account for 50 of Walk-In Business

At Schaefer Sign Works, we design, manufacture, and produce outdoor and exterior signage, indoor and interior signage, vehicle wraps and graphics, and custom signs, wraps, and graphics of all kinds. We help you build your brand, no matter the project size and no matter the budget. We boast an extensive product range, making our sign manufacturing company a resource for all your branding needs!

What do we mean by build your brand? We mean thinking through all the details, like ensuring that your business name is displayed in impactful ways and that your promotional signs are eye-catching and effective while remaining cohesive with the rest of your store signage. Branding is how you visually communicate to your clients, visitors, employees, or guests. At Schaefer Sign Works, we want to make sure that your brand says exactly what you want it to!

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Long-lasting and durable, our outdoor and exterior signs are expertly designed and finely crafted.

custom attractive outdoor building signFor many of our clients, outdoor and exterior signage is a long-term investment. Because so many outdoor and exterior signs are meant to last for several years, our team executes a design process that includes an on-site evaluation. At that initial meeting, we will look at the project site, take measurements and notes, and determine if there are any existing site specifications that need to be met. This allows us to ensure that the rest of the sign making process goes smoothly, from design to sign fabrication to final installation. Schaefer Sign Works’s goal is to help you advertise your storefront, whether it be by updating an existing awning, designing a vertical sign package that meets certain specifications, or guiding clients through the process of LED and message sign design and installation. Don’t let outdated or low-quality storefront signage deter potential clients!

Whether you have an existing design or aren’t quite sure what you need, contact us today by calling (317) 934-2575.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Interior signage can make all the difference to a business!

Indianapolis Sign Company Merch I 1 300x155Maximize the opportunity to increase business and improve wayfinding by effectively using indoor signage. Showcase your brand by displaying custom interior murals and lobby signage that identifies your company. Ensure that your business meets ADA and accessibility requirements through proper signage! And don’t forget the impact made by strategically placed promotional signage. At Schaefer Sign Works, we offer several branded solutions for interior signs such as menu signs, vinyl signs, tabletop sign displays, custom 3D signs, retractable banners, trade show booths, floors signs and more.

It can be easy to overlook the importance of wayfinding, but we urge you to consider the positive impact it can have on your business. Well-placed signage can effectively answer questions that your customers, employees, or guests may have such as where restrooms are located and what forms of payment your business accepts. Well designed interior signage blends into a space, efficiently giving users the information they need and improving the function of an office or business environment.

Schaefer Sign Works has provided indoor and interior sign solutions for virtually every business type in Indianapolis, IN.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Make your brand more visible with custom vehicle graphics and wraps!

Fleet Vehicle WrapsBranding your fleet and other company vehicles is a proven way to increase the visibility of your business. Our experienced team of designers, craftspeople and installers will ensure that your boat, bus, truck, or fleet wrap is a perfect complement to your brand.

We have the skill and capabilities to wrap any type of vehicle with any design- yours or ours. We provide support throughout all stages of the vehicle wrap process, including impactful design, precision manufacturing, and expert installation. Whether you need one car wrapped or an entire fleet, we have the experience and tools to assist you in taking your marketing on the road!

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Indianapolis Sign Company indoor lobby wall mural waiting room vinyl 300x225 300x225Impactful, durable vinyl banners, wraps, and signs are a beneficial supplement for any large or small business. Whether hoping to find a strategy for drawing attention to your shopfront, assisting shoppers when finding their way, or desire to showcase a promotion, sale or special event, our staff of vinyl signs and graphics pros have an outstanding vinyl sign and graphic solution for your company.

We are your experienced complete custom vinyl banners, graphics and signs vendor, offering detailed sign and banner services. This means we quickly create all high-visibility and high-impact graphics your brand desires.

No matter whether it’s custom lettering, banners, wraps, window graphics, decals or a full vinyl signage collection you want to add to your facility, our vinyl sign and graphic pros will handle your project with skill, speed, and we pay attention to each and every detail.

Custom Signs, Wraps, and Graphics

For signs that are just as unique as your business!

custom hanging banners and signsAre you looking for something a little different when it comes to your company’s signage? Our full-service sign team is here to help you! In fact, most of the signs we create are custom in some way. We manufacture all of our signs in-house, so our designers are able to work directly with our sign crafters to deliver the results you are looking for!

Custom signs can be completely unique or simply signs that are branded for your company, event, or organization. Whatever your needs for sign customization may be, we have the tools, resources, and experience to create impactful, attractive custom signage that helps you grow your brand and accomplish your business or event goals.


Talk to a member of our team today to schedule a free consultation, which will allow us to fully understand your needs and project goals.

Schedule your custom sign consultation by calling us at (317) 934-2575.

Our Process

Schaefer Sign Works has an in-house team of graphic designers, sign craftsman, and installation professionals to ensure your project is a success!

Our sign creation process is geared towards ensuring the success of your project. By staffing a full-service sign team, we can effectively manage your project from start to finish. Your questions can all be answered in-house, quickly, and completely.

Step One: Free Consultation

Free Consultation with a Signage ExpertOur four-part sign creation process begins with a free consultation. At this meeting, our signage experts will discuss each aspect of your project, including the types of signs you need, placement, project goals, and your budget. We will recommend the optimal products and complementary graphics for your project and offer suggestions for a sign package that ensures you have everything needed for a successful promotion, grand opening, rebrand, or event!


Step Two: Sign Design

Custom Sign DesignOur in-house graphic designers become involved during the conceptualization of a project. They are capable of creating sign graphics from scratch or working with existing files. At Schaefer Sign Works, we staff a talented design team that can coordinate with an inexperienced individual or a corporate marketing department, and everyone in-between. Before the sign design phase is complete, you will receive an art proof for review prior to the sign’s production.


Step Three: Sign Manufacturing

Custom Sign ManufacturingOur expert sign craftsman work in tandem with our sign design team to execute the finished product. We manufacture all of our signs in-house, allowing our craftsman to coordinate directly and efficiently with our designers to ensure your sign is perfectly produced, down to the last detail. Our sign manufacturing department also assists in sourcing the needed signage support structures or frames so that the finished product is ready for installation, display, or wrap.


Step Four: Sign Installation

Custom Sign InstallationOur team of fully-trained sign installation professionals will handle every detail of installation, including properly securing your sign, electrical component installation, and tidying up after the install is complete. Because we work locally, we are familiar with local ordinances and regulations that pertain to signage, ensuring a sign install.


Ready to Get Started?

Indianapolis Sign Company logo contentSchaefer Sign Works is one of the highest-rated sign companies in Indianapolis, IN, providing you with complete business sign services. We provide outstanding support through every phase of your signage project, and look forward to becoming your sole provider of all your signage needs.

Call Schaefer Sign Works at (317) 934-2575 to schedule your free sign consultation.