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Indianapolis Outdoor Signs


We offer exterior signage including lighted exterior signs, outdoor banners, outdoor signage, storefront signage, real estate signs and more. Our high-quality signs ensure that no matter the type, your outdoor signs will be long-lasting and effective.

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We understand that many outdoor signs, such as digital or lighted exterior signs, are a long-term investment for a business. With this in mind, the Indianapolis design team at Schaefer Sign Works works with you to evaluate your needs and design a sign package that meets your project goals.

Other exterior sign types that we offer include neon signs, yard signs, outdoor banners, and markers such as monument signs.

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Storefront & Building Signs

Storefront Signs Account for 50 of Walk-In Business

Consider this: 46% of potential customers report that they initially learned about a business through their storefront signage (sourced from the International Sign Association).

This means that your signs not only need to be attractive and impactful, they need to tell your potential patrons something about your business and why they should venture inside.

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This may be a single, large building sign, such as a channel letter sign, cabinet sign, or lighted sign, or can consist of multiple signage elements for your doors, windows, sidewalks, and more.We create every custom exterior sign you may need to promote your Indianapolis business, organization, or event, from business identification signage to temporary promotional signage.

Promotional Signage

It’s no secret that storefront and other outdoor signage can significantly increase the visibility of a store, business, or event. Adding exterior signs is an opportunity to maximize the outreach of a business.

Custom window graphics and vinyl signsAt Schaefer Sign Works, we assist our clients in sourcing signage that meets their full advertising potential. Sometimes, our design team can find a solution to your exterior branding that you hadn’t yet thought of.

Perhaps a lighted sign will increase the visibility of your storefront, or maybe a complementary signage package will increase the branded feel of your business? Things like a-frame or sandwich board signs, window signs, and vinyl graphics for doors and windows are all great ways to optimize your exterior signage, and they look great as part of a cohesive design package.

Flag Sign

When considering your exterior signage and outdoor branding package, consider the impact that often overlooked areas can have. Flag signs can attract a lot of attention without taking up much space, and investing in vehicle wraps sometimes proves to be the best advertising a business does. High-Visibility signage should be professionally designed, durably built, and expertly installed.

Complete Signage Provider

Schaefer Sign Works is your complete outdoor signage provider, creating every exterior sign you need for business identification and promotional needs.

Our exterior sign options include:

From the initial consultation through expert installation, our dedicated and experienced team of sign professionals are here to ensure you get the right sign, in the right place, and at the right price for your needs. Need complementary indoor signs? We’ve got you covered there, as well.

Sign Purpose & Placement

Are you branding a new business, updating the look of an existing storefront, or looking to advertise a special event at your venue?

Canopy & Awning SignsWhen reviewing exterior sign choices for businesses, we often ask clients how their exterior signs will be used. Is the final use a canopy or awning sign that needs to be fade-resistant and weather the elements, or a hanging sign that needs to meet certain local ordinances for a storefront. If you are seeking an outdoor banner, yard sign, real estate sign or other semi-permanent outdoor sign than we are happy to walk you through some of our weather-resistant material options. Our high-quality outdoor signs are built to last.

Perhaps most importantly, what are the goals of your project? Are you aiming to attract new business, create excitement around a grand opening, or educate your audience? There are a lot of considerations, and the sign professionals at Schaefer Sign Works are comfortable in guiding you through this process during our initial project consultation, which is offered at no charge to you.

You can schedule your free consultation with Schaefer Sign Works by calling (317) 934-2575.

Understanding Local Ordinances

Custom Foam Monument SignFeeling totally overwhelmed with this part of the process? Don’t worry, as professional sign craftsman we do this all the time and would be happy to help guide you through the codes and regulatory processes. As a local, Indianapolis, IN sign company, we are familiar with our local regulations, and can determine if your local area has any ordinances, restrictions, or other signage regulations, and can explain how that pertains to the design and installation of your exterior signage.

You can reach us at (317) 934-2575 to discuss your sign project today!

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Schaefer Sign Works, Indianapolis Sign CompanyWe create professionally designed, manufactured, and installed outdoor signs for all business needs and purposes. We can’t wait to create the impactful and attractive signs you need to accomplish your Indianapolis business goals.

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